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The Perfectionist - Crazy Game


Let’s come clean: you’re not really a control freak, but if there’s a right way to do or set something, then WHY NOT JUST DO IT ALREADY?! Finally put all your observation skills to good use in The Perfectionist! Or maybe prepare yourself for a sort of stress test... Are you ready?In The Perfectionist game you will satisfy your anger for organization by fixing and rearranging misplaced items in a sequence of minigames such as shuffled tiles, opened windows, unbuttoned buttons, untied shoelaces, light switches, missing tooth, and many other annoying things that are inexplicably out of order!
Did we mention you have company? The Perfectionist Dudes will thrill for every good hit you score, but also cry and go bananas whenever you make a mistake.
HOW TO PLAY• Use the given time to beat the greatest amount of minigames you can• Tap what’s wrong or needs to be corrected and win extra time• Miss what should be repaired and you lose time
HIGHLIGHTS• Meet the Perfectionist Dudes! The funniest and craziest friends you'll ever meet• Non-stop fun with simple and easy one touch gameplay• Play hard and get into FEVER MODE to double your score• Get the missing puzzles pieces and unlock new minigames!
If you have ever felt deeply bothered by interrupted sequences or by an item disrupting an order, well, yes, you might as well have a bit of craziness in you! Get ready for lots of fun -- or maybe not so much -- with The Perfectionist.
Admit it: you’re already dying to fix the crooked square from this game’s icon, aren’t you?
Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.